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PS3xploit v3 PS3 Games: HAN Toolbox, 4GB+ Files, Easy RIF Activation, Bluray to PKG, c00 Unlocks
This video covers everything you need to know about installing and playing PS3 game backups with PS3xploit v3 on OFW 4.82.
Here’s a list of everything I talk about in this video:
How to install the new HAN Toolbox for easy access to the exploits 2:30
How to use the new PS3xploit ReSigner 2.0.0 tool for simple RIF activation 6:13
How to install games over 4GB in size using the PKG Linker tool to send the files over LAN 12:06
How to convert PS3 games from bluray format into installable PKG files 18:37
How to unlock c00 format PSN games. The ones where the full version of the game needs to be unlocked using PSN 23:08

Download the latest release of HAN support files : Download
Down the HAN Toolbox .pkg : Download
Download PS3xploit Resigner 2.0.0 : Download
Download the PKG Linker app from here: Download
Download the PKG Backup Tool here: Download
Download CFW2OFW Helper tool : Download
Download the unlock c00 .pkg: Download
Here’s a list of all c00 games which the unlock c00 .pkg file can help you with: Here
You can download the PS3 Tools suite, which includes a tool to check if a PS3 game has updates: Here

PS3 multiMAN: How to create and play PS3 game backups

In this video, I show you how to install multiMAN as one of the best homebrew tools available for Playstation 3 systems running custom firmware.
Using my multiMAN shows how you can make backups of your PlayStation 3 disks, as well as how to use the tool to run PS3 game backups from a USB HDD or hard drive attached.

You can download the multiman.pkg file from this link: Download

PS3Xploit: How to Install CFW on PS3 4.82 OFW Systems

In this video I show you how you can jailbreak a Playstation 3 system by installing custom firmware, even with the latest firmware 4.82.
This new PS3Xploit method is supported on all original PS3 PS3 models, as well as most of the first slim models. Super slims are not supported yet.
EDIT: There is a new version 2 of this release that is a little more stable. I updated the links to point to the new version of the exploit, noting that the .hex file has a new filename now. Otherwise it will work the same.

To check if your PS3 Slim can run this exploit, you’ll need to download and run the MinVerCheck tool: Download

You can download the NOR NAND Writer containing the flash_482.hex file from this link (formerly flsh.hex): Download

Download the customized version of Rebug software that supports installation from version 4.82 here: Download

And make sure you rename the Rebug CFW file to this filename:

To check your Fat PS3 is NOR or NAND type, look for the model number as the end of the serial number on the sticker on the back of the system .. and then check it on this site. Flash column displays if the system is NOR or NAND: Here

In the PS3 web browser, the NOR system needs to browse to one of these URLs: HereHere,
NAND systems will need to browse to one of these URLs: HereHere