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PS4 5.05 Jailbreak Tutorial

How to Jailbreak a PS4 on 5.05 firmware or lower.


Download Links: 5.05 Firmware: DownloadMirror

Full PS4 4.55 New Jailbreak Setup Tutorial
How to fully update your PS4 to 4.55 and setup the new Jailbreak exploit.


Download Links:

  • 4.55 Firmware Update: Download or Mirror
  • 4.55 Web Browser Patch: (You Can Also Use The Enable Browser Option In The WebKit Instead of Injecting from the PC) : Download
  • NetCat GUI for Payload Injecting: Download
  • Video Guide:
How to get Game Updates on a 4.05/4.55 PS4 (4.05/4.55 Jailbreak)
How to update your games on a 4.05 or 4.55 Jailbroken PS4.

This method is for official games only! It will not work with game backups, only the original disc games.

Update Sites: HereHere

Download links:

PS4-AIO: Download

PS4 Update Error Fix (SU-30634-6)
How to fix the SU-30634-6 error when updating your system software version.

FileZilla: Download

How to Host the 4.55/4.05 Exploit Locally - How to add Custom Payloads to your WebKit (4.55/4.05 Jailbreak)
How to Host the 4.55/4.05 Exploit Locally
How to host the PS4 WebKit exploit locally without being connected to the internet. Hosting the WebKit locally is more stable and can be customised.

Download Links:
Python: Download
ps4-exploit-host: Download
Xampp download: Download
Fake DNS script: Download
A 192.168.x.x
Android exploit host: Download

How to add Custom Payloads to your WebKit (4.55/4.05 Jailbreak)
How to add your custom payloads as buttons in the WebKit exploit to allow you to inject them without a payload injector.

Download Links:
ps4-exploit-host: Download
bin2js: Download

How to Run Fake/Custom Package Files from USB/HDD (4.55/4.05 Jailbreak)
How to run custom/fake package files such as PS4 backup games, homebrew apps and PS2 games on a 4.55 PS4. This video also covers how to run the package files from a USB device instead of the internal hard drive.

Download Links:
NetCat Payload Injector: Download
ApptoUSB 4.55: Download
ApptoUSB 4.05: Download