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El Shaddai Ascension of The Metatron

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El Shaddai Ascension
of The Metatron
July 26, 2011
5,4 Gb
Link Mega BLES01163 – EUR: Download – Password:
Link Google BLES01163 – EUR: Download – Password:


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron is an action title with a story based around the flood depicted in the Book of Enoch. You take control of Enoch, an ordinary man who was chosen by God to serve as a clerk in heaven. Enoch must now save humanity by journeying through the world in pursuit of fallen angels. As the story goes, the angels were tasked by God long ago to watch over the world below. Some grew to admire mankind and chose to commit the high crime of descending down to the surface. Angered by this, God considered covering the ground in a great flood. Enoch stepped in and convinced God to hold off on his punishment if he manages to track down the angels. Enoch will be supported on his journey by the angels, who were tasked by God to support him. One angel in particular, Lucifer, appears to have taken a liking to Enoch.

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Juan valdes

El juego no esta bien, no carga, se queda en la pantalla de inicio(fonfo blanco y el titulo). Lo descargue con google drive. Vendra incompleto?. Veo que pesa menos que el de mega. Pero mega ya tiene muchas restricciones.

Juan valdes

The game dont working i download on google drive, stays locked on the home screen.

Juan valdes

It doesn’t work, it locks on the home screen, what do I do to make it work?

Juan valdes

thanks, I fixed it, I just had to activate the option bd emulator in multiman games


el juego lo pasate a iso ? tuviste q unir las partes o lo dejaste en carpeta ??


Google links are BLUS version.

NOTE: remember that the paps3.cpk is “splitted”. You must use multiman/irisman (?) and copy to internal hd to “join” files… Or you can join the files on PC and create a .iso splitted with “PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.2” and run with sMAN, Webman…


hi man, i ”join” all parts and the game still doesnt work, i tried convert an iso, but doesnt work…can you help me ?


uni las partes spliteadas con multiman pero al iniciar el juego me dice ”you have old data” no puedo iniciar el juego alguien sabe algo al respecto ?

Juan valdes

convert to split iso to work, no need to join the parts.

Juan valdes

using genps3iso to convert to split iso, no need to join iso.

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