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Grand Theft Auto 4 The Complete Edition

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Grand Theft Auto 4
The Complete Edition
October 26, 2010
17,8 Gb
Link ver EUR –  BLES01128 : Lets – Google1FileMega – Password:
Link ver USA – BLUS30682 : Lets – 1FileGoogle – Password:


Thank Mario Ibrahimovich

“People, the game works!!!

it just has to be an ISO file. how to make it happen!?
i will give you “Step by step” instructions:
download all the parts of the game above, extract the files in your computer using winrar.
Copy the game on a usb drive, then plug to your ps3 and go to multiman, and paste the game in the folder GAMES or GAMEZ. After you do that, press the Circle button on the folder and select copy. Then go back by pressing Left, lower there will be a Disc icon called “PS3ISO”, enter it. Press Circle and select Paste as ISO!!!
And that is it, the game will load normally.

P.s i had the same issue, that was the only solution.”



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Grand Theft Auto 4 The Complete Edition: GTA IV reinvented the series with a renewed version of Liberty City detailed to the last pothole and rooftop vent. This Complete Edition combines all three chapters of the blockbuster release, including the original Grand Theft Auto IV storyline as well as its two expansions, The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony.

GTA IV — In this fourth installment of the popular series, players take on the role of Niko Bellic, a rough-around-the-edge chap from Eastern Europe. Niko has arrived in America, in Liberty City — a land full of promise and opportunity. His cousin convinced him to emigrate, to join him in his mansion and life of luxury, but as soon as he steps off the boat, Niko discovers the truth about the American way. Still, the wealth, the comfort, the bliss of the good life, it all really is here … And it’s all for the taking.

THE LOST AND DAMNED — Johnny is a veteran member of The Lost, a notorious biker gang. Johnny has been creating business opportunities for The Lost in Liberty City, but his first loyalty must be to the patch he wears on his back and to Billy Grey, the club’s President. However, when Billy returns from rehab hell-bent on bloodshed and debauchery, Johnny finds himself in the middle of a vicious turf war with rival gangs for control of a city torn apart by violence and corruption. Can the brotherhood survive?

THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY — Grand Theft Auto IV’s second downloadable episode injects Liberty City with an overdose of guns, glitz, and grime. As Luis Lopez, part-time hoodlum and full-time assistant to legendary nightclub impresario Tony Prince (aka “Gay Tony”), players will struggle with the competing loyalties of family and friends, and with the uncertainty about who is real and who is fake in a world in which everyone has a price.

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BLUS30682 part 12 unzip password error please tell me how can solve this prob am download 36 part


te recomiendo descargar la parte 12 de nuevo y probar descomprimier de vuelta


no funciona en ps3 HEN 2.2.2, se descomprime el archivo y se pasa en formato carpeta a la ranura del de disco duro del play en la carpeta de GAMES, cuando se reproduce el juego con MULTIMAN, una vez inicia el juego, pero no llega a cargar, la jugabilidad, alguien tiene algun fix?? o a alguien que le haya funcionado?


como lo hiciste?


Debes resignar el eboot a 3.55


ayuda lo descarge port ftp interno a ps3 y no me carga el juego se queda en las imagenes


En la descripción dice que hay que copiarlo en formato ISO mediante multiman, círculo pegar como iso


bro creo que solo funciona externo en pendrive o convirtiendolo en iso en disco duro del play


En la descripción sale el fix amigo, Tienes que pegar el juego en formato carpeta en “GAMES” y luego con el multiman le das al circulo y a la opcion “Copiar” luego vas a la carpeta “PS3ISO” y presionas circulo para ver las opciones y le das a “PEGAR COMO ISO” Esperas a que se cree el archivo iso y listo, Juego funcionando


I Paste the game in the folder GAMES and PS3ISO but not load ..


Same for me




1. Download the FIX package: File name:
2. If you have any install data or patches delete them.

3. Enter Multiman, use the file explorer (or press select-start on the game to go to it’s location in file explorer) locate the folder in which you store your backups (GAMES or GAMEZ) and inside the gta4 game folder look for the folder PS3_GAME and press O(Circle) and choose “shadow for PKG game ” then say yes. and wait

4. Now go into dev_hdd0/game and delete the folder BLES01128 that you just created (yes delete it)

5. With Multiman (Ftp or USB) transfer and replace the following files in the correct directories :

5.1 Replace the COMP.BIN with the modded one in this directory dev_hdd0/G/E01128/USRDIR Note: This is where I messed up the first several times as I did not notice the G folder in dev_hdd0 do not replace the COMP.BIN in the gta4 folder in your GAMES or GAMEZ directory. Also make a back up of the original, just in case.

5.2 Go to your GAMES or GAMEZ directory where you have the game folder at and replace the EBOOT.BIN with the modded one(make a copy of the original, just in case).

6. Load the game with Multiman or Other manager

7. If it doesn’t work try the FIX PERMISSIONS in Multiman


already follow your instruction , but it still stuck at loading screen

King of kings

Thanks man its works for me:-)


It worked for me to! much appreciated


thaank! if i dont find your comment i am fucked at loding screen
i just give credit where credit due


Thanks a ton dude. It was stuck on loading but now it says it’s installing data to hard drive. Just did as u said. It worked


Muchas Gracias Por El Gran Aporte!


Must make the game iso on euro also ?!


No meu ps3 funciona normalmente THE LOST AND DAMNED e THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY, mas GTA IV não. alguém sabe uma solução?


La solución es convertir el juego en ISO del ps3 con multiman


AMIGO lo instale interno y al momento de cargar el juego se queda en pantalla de carga con las imagenes en oscuro y nunca entra


Lee la descripción


Convertirlo en ISO


Convertirlo en ISO gay


why dont work?
cfw 4.81


In hen 3.0 work perfect usa version (include spanish subt)


part 7 bles google not avibel please fix it


Gracias por subirlo! Está funcionando perfectamente en mi PS3HEN, Nada mas tienen que Transformar el juego a formato ISO y pegarlo en la carpeta PS3ISO del disco duro de la ps3, Saludos.


Thanks. Game BLUS runs fine on ps3 slim 500gb, 4.84cfw ferrox, 4.85 multiman update. Nice complete game.


how to fix loading screen?

Arshdeep Singh

WHat is the password.. Password not working for me

Arshdeep Singh

This password is not working


Try 1file it worked for me!


Weak there’s no update.pup file so it won’t work without it


Yes i need it pls anyone upload it and send link if have…


Stuck on loading screen..


Friends I have a problem with the game The game remains paused at the download screen I have converted it to iso and it is running but I can’t install the cheat menu on it
Please help me guys


please update quota file


please fix part 9 google ver EUR


thanx…blus works great….


Stuck loading, please help me




the game is stuck on loading screen


I convert the game to ISO and Gta IV works fine, but now that i try to play The Ballad of Gay Tony only shows the Rockstar logo and the screen is in black and nothing happend.


I’m having the same problem, GTAIV works fine but the lost and damn and ballad of gay tony don’t work it stays in loading screen forever.


BLES version doesn’t work, it loads for hours and you can’t play


BLUS30682 worked well for me on HEN, just copied game data to an external HD,
booted from webman, it installed some things after loading and game was ready to play, got to roman’s house without any trouble.


BLUS loading loop just shows cutscene over and over none of the games start.


both blus and bles not working just stuck in the fkcin loading screen

Aneury Taveras

Luego de pegar el juego en la carpeta PS3ISO deben de abrir este juego ya sea en multiman o wedman. Vean que tiene la ubicacion en PS3ISO. Desde hay funciona.


i’m getting CRC error for bles01128 mega links part3 and part 4.and these files are data error


Is the BLES (EUR) version in Spanish?

ruslan borg

such a pain in the ass to download a game from here


In Blus there is no Update.pup file my game is not showing after copy to my games folder even copying the iso file…Anyone plss help??? I need ps3update.pup file… Any one upload it and send me linkplssss


guys when i put on google to donlwad it goes to another web and another and another


works on hen hfw 4.86?

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