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Guitar Hero World Tour

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Guitar Hero World Tour
8 Gb + DLC



Link ver BLES00299 – EUR: GoogleMega – Password:

Update All DLC: Download – Password: Michelle-ps3



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Guitar Hero World Tour marries Guitar Hero’s guitar gameplay, with a cooperative band experience that combines the most advanced wireless instruments with revolutionary new online and offline gameplay modes. The game features a slick newly redesigned guitar, a genuine electronic drum kit and a microphone, as well as an innovative Music Studio music creator that lets players compose, record, edit and share their own rock and roll anthems, along with online Band Career and 8-player “Battle of the Bands.” Guitar Hero World Tour is comprised entirely of master recordings from some of the greatest classic and modern rock bands of all-time including Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Linkin Park, The Eagles, Sublime and many more. Additionally, the game offers significantly more localized downloadable music than ever before on all of the next-generation consoles. Budding rock stars are also given creative license to fully customize everything from their characters’ appearance and instruments to their band’s logo and album covers. Featuring three drum pads, two raised cymbals and a bass kick pedal, the drum controller combines larger and quieter, velocity-sensitive drum heads with soft rubber construction to deliver authentic bounce back and is easy to set up, move, break down and store. Virtual musicians can live out their rock and roll fantasies by playing either a single instrument, or any combination of instruments, in addition to the full band experience. Guitar Hero World Tour introduces Battle of the Bands mode which allows eight players to join online and challenge each other band-to-band to determine who is the best of the best. In the Band modes, up to four players can jam together, online or off, as they progress through the game, and in single-player Career Mode, players can jam on any of the instruments in branching venue progression enabling them to rock out in the order of their choice. The game’s Music Studio lets players express their musical creativity by giving them access to a full compliment of tools to create digital music from scratch, utilizing all of the instruments, and then play their compositions in the game. Music creators can share their recordings with their friends online through GHTunes where other gamers can download their unique compositions and play them.

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Israel soares

Olá, por acaso consegue estas dlcs no link do google por favor? não consigo baixar nem com burlador.. Obrigado.


He says to put the Dlc files in drive of google. I need to agree. Mega ask for money to download files larger than 2gb. But thanks to the post.


Ini bisa pake stik kan mainnya?


Bisa bego


Can you please post the rap file for ALL DLC?
Without a licence the songs are locked.


I don’t find file “fix dlc” in file DLC.
Inside folder only have one .pkg.


This game can use controller?


How do you play the downloaded songs? If they have a check mark means they are downloaded..correct?



Dog gay

Para que serve a senha


How to install?


Please upload BLUS version


You are misterious. Game is perfect but DLC is not working for me.
Thank you anyway.


Stuck in Loading Screen, some ideas?


i find 13,098 Archives after download and uncompress in filezilla not works repetitive errors

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