Red Dead Redemption Game of The Year Edition

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Red Dead Redemption
Game of The Year Edition
May 18, 2010
9,2 Gb



Link ver BLES01294 – EUR: MegaGoogle

Fix for the XMB screen
Thank Kyle Mangabat
“If you’re the same as me and you’d also have splitted the “rdr2_layer0.rpf” using PS3Splitter because it wouldn’t paste into your external HDD then in your Multiman Ps3 move the game folder from your external HDD to your Internal HDD and it should merge the splitted parts automatically, this should fix the problem that the game keeps coming back to the XMB screen.”
Link ver BLES01294 – EUR (PKG – HEN / CFW): DownloadMirror (Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here)
Link Mirror ver BLES01294 – EUR (PKG – HEN / CFW): DownloadMirror (Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here)


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Red Dead Redemption GOTY is a Western epic, set at the turn of the 20th century when the lawless and chaotic badlands began to give way to the expanding reach of government and the spread of the Industrial Age. A follow up to the 2004 hit Red Dead Revolver, this game tells the story of former outlaw John Marston, taking players on a great adventure across the American frontier.

Red Dead Redemption features an open-world environment for players to explore, including frontier towns, rolling prairies teaming with wildlife, and perilous mountain passes – each packed with an endless flow of varied distractions. Along the way, players will experience the heat of gunfights and battles, meet a host of unique characters, struggle against the harshness of one of the world’s last remaining wildernesses, and ultimately pick their own precarious path through an epic story about the death of the Wild West and the gunslingers that inhabited it.

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how do you install this? the game is way too big for a fat32 usb


its a pkg file tho when i unpack it there’s only the game folder, it doesnt have the PS3_DISC.sfb file nor the PS3_UPDATE file 🙁


get the jb folder instead


dont unpack it, the way i do it is, get a ntfs formatted hdd and copy the pkg to the root or any folder of your choice inside it. Then download and install multiman or irisman and just transfer the large pkg from ntfs external drive to ps3 internal drive. The correct place to place the pkg files is devhdd0 and then inside packages folder.Then just install from xmb.

one of your family



iknow when u extract the files just click extract files dont click here or anything else it wont lets u with disc and update


u can get a better usb and turn it to a fat32




it isnt tho, jb folders aint, tho 1 file needs to be split


filezilla FTP transfer
no need cable only internet

ma nigga

but sometimes the console freezes i use it when i have to play and transfer the files


ps3 spliter


it is not necessary to split a game, Irisman (ps3 app) can read in ntfs format, from there, they can pass a folder or pkg game to the HDD and then be installed, (the ntfs format of a USB supports more than 4gb per files).


I have a simple solution, download guiformat it will format any hd
to fat32


Use an ntfs and multiman

one of your family

i have a 16gb usb drive and it is on fat 32


put the files in a usb fat 32 than extract their


You have to download a program named Ps3 splitter to split the files that are bigger than 4 GB. This will help you to put the files in
the fat32 usb


Download Ps3splitter and install Multiman.pkg on your PS3.


or f u have psnstuff u can split large files


I need the US Version brother


just get bles, ps3 is region free anywayz


i downloaded the han ver but when i copy the file to my fat32 usb it says that rdr2_layer.rpf too large and it show 7.32gb size. does somebody have the solution for this problem?.


A mi y aun amigo nos paso lo mismo indague por para buscar una solución en muchos casos usan el ps3split pero tuve un error con mi firmware hací que en su lugar use el Split4G funciona de igual manera que el anterior con la diferencia que yo llevo el juego entero en la memoria externa.


hello frank , i also did the split4g , but i dont know why i cant finish this bro..i open multiman, than i just can see the bles file in dhe devusb001 , i dont know what to do anyone please help


USA Verision please?


just get bles, ps3 is region free anywayz


What language is this in? “European” isn’t a language


Europeo trae Inglés, Español, Italiano,etc.


Thanks, but i must split the ”BLES01294[Red Dead Redemption GOTY]-TeamGamerBross”
or just the ”BLES01294” folder ?


Never mind, i just split ”BLES01294”, and copy the game into my HDD. The game works perfectly thank you very much for sharing this awesome game with us


how did you copy the game Hismail ? please help me


Hey bro I downloaded it and I copied it on the multiman GAMES and when I want to play it’s exiting and come back to Ps3 home what should I do bro please help me

Sebi Mic

After you extracted all files, you’ll get three folders right? Well you need only the bless one(you put only this folder on the USB stick, after you create a GAMES folder). Then you go on multiman and you will see the game… Press triangle button and select copy, and let the game copy on the HDD…now you will see another red dead redemption game but this one will have (near
the HDD little square) a little square with inside the word split (in red) that’s the full game. Last thing you open the game and let the game install..;)) hope this was helpful


I downloaded all the 9 parts from Google drive but when i extract all the file size is only 5gb


para que son los archivos fix del red dead ???


Esta en formato carpeta amigos disculpen?


Do you have a Blus Editión?


Why I don’t see the LIC file? I don’t know how can I find it.


did u find it?


Can you please upload the USA version


Ayuda…. cargo el juego desde multiman pero cuando llega al XMB sale el juego le doy para cargar y me vuelve a sacar del juego espero que me ayuden


password !


What do i do with 2 other files??
Archivos Oringinales and Fix Red dead GOTY

JB Gamer

ignore them just take the main folder and it will show up on multiman


Sir is it usefull? Where to put the others 2 folders?


Have u found the solution?


Thanks. Game runs fine at 4.80 ferrox with undead nightmare. Nice!


need help with the xmb menu issue, tried copying the game to the internal hdd after splitting my file but still goes back to the xmb

Mohamed Nasser

Same happens to me

Mohamed Nasser

Did u solve it


It looks like PS3 ISO Tools automatically splits every PS3 games’ big files when converting PS3 games on folder format (JB) to ISO, in this case the rdr2_layer0.rpf file. Why is this (even if I choose to create the ISO on a NTFS drive) and can one have problems with this? Maybe the files which are split are those + 4GB. Also, does anyone have this ( annoying bug like I do?


where to find the pkg file

Mohamed Nasser

How to install this i downloaded with Google not the pkg

Mohamed Nasser

Kicks me back to xmb screen i splited the game any help please




What do i do with 2 other files??
Archivos Oringinales and Fix Red dead GOTY

Please help


My game doesn’t return to the XMB after converting it to ISO using PS3 ISO TOOLS. Shouldn’t I have done that?


How to Install ?


it work’s too good 🙂 nice work


Part 3 file is corrupted please help me


Rdr2_layer0.rpf file is corrupt please help me

Gaming Games

what Password??

Gaming Games

I downloaded the Mega Link. when extracting he asks for a password. what’s the password ??


where is the rap or fix file


tres posibles soluciones
primero: formatear el pendrive en ntfs y copiar pegar
en la ps3 usar el irisman(ver tuto como usar en yt)

segunda: pasar el juego atraves del filezilla en la pc
y en la ps3 el multiman(copiando en la carpeta GAMES)

tercera: mover todos los rar al pedrive(fat32) descomprimir ahi dentro en la carpeta games
en la ps3 acer lo normal( aveces funciona hasta ahora no me dio fallos)


Gracias, probado en PS3HEN 2.1


data error in rar part 1 and part 5…help me…????


So I know what to do with the BLES01294 folder but why are there two other folders called “Fix_Red_Dead_Redemption_GOTY” and “Archivos Originales” both including EBOOT.BIN, PARAM.SFO and RDR2.self files? Are these just in case that the game won’t work on itself? Like if it doesn’t work I replace the original files with the ones out of the Fix folder and if it only works with the original files I replace the Fix files with the one out of the Originales folder if you know what I mean? Is that right or do I misunderstand something here?

My friend,The same thing happens to me, did you find a solution? please help

Friend, did you find a solution? I need to know how you did because I am also with the same doubt. Please help


please add ntsc version


Please can’t download google drive part 3

Andrea Morieri

i can’t either


Please sir google drive download part 2 can’t


the game didn”t appear on my ps3 multiman i used split games program and used external drive but the game didn”t appear any solutions


Got it all downloaded and it boots but after the bullet spins it doesn’t load. Just has a black screen. Any ideas?


maybe convert it to ISO will help


The game kick me back to the xmb screen plz fix itt


Why add normal ??? Mega is really bad and i not want! Cloud is some time talk about limited… havent any iso for this game?


Plz help me fix The game to the xmb screen


Sir can’t google drive part 7 download

Nafisa Zhafran

After download BLES01294-EUR : MEGA
I extracted it in laptop. And then, i moved it with Split4G to my harddisk(it works normally, like the tutorial does).
Question is, why the game not shown in mmCM game?
I need help. Please respond ASAP.


Refresh the game list in MMcm


Google drive can’t download sir please help


Can you please upload Han ver on Mega? Much appreciated!


when i start the game it takes me back to the main screen. how can i fix this?


If you’re the same as me and you’d also have splitted the “rdr2_layer0.rpf” using PS3Splitter because it wouldn’t paste into your external HDD then in your Multiman Ps3 move the game folder from your external HDD to your Internal HDD and it should merge the splitted parts automatically, this should fix the problem that the game keeps coming back to the XMB screen


Cuando copio el juego a mi disco externo para usarlo con el multiman, el sistema me dice que no se pueden copiar archivos muy grandes, veo que el archivo rdr2_layer0.rpf pesa 7,54GB que debo hacer???


When I copy the game to my external disk to use it with the multiman, the system tells me that cannot copy very large files, I see that the file rdr2_layer0.rpf weighs 7.54GB, what should I do ???

Thank you!


Thank you!!!


i downloaded link ver HAN and i don’t have the .rap file how to get it ??


You can download RAP file from psndl

Thomas Rafael

Where do I put RDR2.self file?

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