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Split Second Velocity

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Split Second Velocity
May 18, 2010
 6,4 Gb

Link ver EUR – BLES00780 : Google – Password:

DLC ver EUR – BLES00780: Download


Link Mega ver USA – BLUS30300 : DownloadMirror – Password:

Link Google ver USA – BLUS30300 : Download – Password:

Link Update v1.04 : Download


Link ver HAN – NPEB00506 – EUR: PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPUB30450 – USA: PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Split Second Velocity an intense action racing game set within the world of a hyper-competitive reality television show. Competitors vie to be the first across the finish line in a made-for-TV city built for destruction, with the ultimate goal of becoming the season champion. Competitors in Split/Second don’t just collide with other vehicles to knock them from the track — they can also trigger explosive events that drastically alter the dynamics of the race. Players must use strategy and pinpoint timing to derail opponents, tactically alter the track or create entirely new routes.

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ricardo openheimer franco

nao consequi entrar no entra a parte loadng e trava

ricardo openheimer franco

nao consigo entrar no jogo.logo no comeco trava


When the game starts and you get a black screen with the split second logo on the bottom, the logo turns to a white line and the game freezes there. The home buttom doesn’t work either so the only thing you can do is turn off the console from the button, or unplug it. I got the EUR version.


BLUS30300 Só funciona se instalar o update patch v1.04 ou o jogo trava após o primeiro loading… usei Link Mirror via google drive

Funcionando com patch


The patch here is only for the USA version. If you download the EUR version and download the update from the ps3 when the game starts, the game and the PS3 will freeze.

ricardo openheimer franco

e so passar o jogo do do hd externo para o hd interno……o jogo so roda no hd interno


I downloaded the US version,downloaded the update,and the game is still frozen.What do i do now?


update link doesnt work


I have dowload the eurPkg and i cant play because at the begining it show me a message that i need to have the licence of the product at playstation store. please help me.

Juan Pablo

Logre Hacerlo Funcionar cualquiera de las 2 funciona pero necesitan un programa para poder hacer correr en la ps3 el rap o licencia en la ps3 link y tutorial como hacerlo

vídeo las instrucciones

descargan solo el programa reactPSNv3.20pkg

Enlace ver HAN – NPEB00506 – EUR: PKG – RAP
Enlace ver HAN – NPUB30450 – EE. UU .: PKG – RAP


I download BLES00780 version Works fine without any issues ON CFW 4.84 Rebug i tested aboubt 20mins

Here some dlc


SplitSecond Velocity – Deadline Pack
SplitSecond Velocity – Elite Vehicle Livery Pack
SplitSecond Velocity – ‘High Octane’ Supercar Pack
SplitSecond Velocity – Ryback Cyclone Special Edition

Juan Manuel

Funcionando en PS3 con HEN 4.86 . Probado en version USA BLUS30300. Copiar juego al disco interno de la PS3 con Multiman. Activar Emular BD. No se olviden de colocar cualquier disco en la lectora. No instalar el update, sino no arranca y se traba en la pantalla de inicio. No he probado los DLC. Espero que les sirva. Saludos

عمرو حسين

اللعبة تعمل اذا تم نقله للهارد الداخلى لا تعمل من خلال الهارد الخارجى يجب نقل اللعبه الى الهارد الداخلى فقط وسوف تعمل بكل سهوله


EU Version work from internal HDD and with DB mirror not from external Hdd !

Gustavo Mendes

Baixei o arquivo “EUR – BLES00780 : Google”, passei para a memória interna do PS3 pelo HEN e ativei o “Emular BD”, funcionou perfeitamente.


alguien puede poner algun link que se pueda descargar de mega ya que no se como se descargan asi ayuden quiero el juego

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