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The Banner Saga Trilogy Bonus Edition

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The Banner Saga Trilogy
Bonus Edition


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Note: Game for PS4 – not use PS3 – Test with 6.72

CUSA02642 / CUSA04452 / CUSA11037

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Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Por/Bra, Japanese

Note: Updates will only work with the provided Base Games. Repackage to make it work with your own base.

Banner Saga 1 ver 1.03

Banner Saga 2 ver 1.04 + DLC

Banner Saga 3 ver 1.03

DLC Content: Banner Saga 2

Banner Saga 2 – Survial Mode

– Survival Mode tests your tactical mettle in 40 escalating battles.
– Assemble six heroes from a selection of your favorite Banner Saga characters and lead them in battle against waves of enemies.
– Earn Renown to equip new items and to unlock heroes to replace those who fall in battle.
– Stay alive through as many battles as possible in this challenging combat game mode.
– Choose 6 heroes from over 40 of your favorite characters. Recruit more heroes with renown as you progress.
– Permadeath: Heroes who fall in battle are lost forever but can be given a Viking Funeral to regain renown so you can recruit new heroes to take their place.
– Play in Normal or Hard difficulty modes and see how you rank in the leaderboards against your friends.

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Weave your own thread through this epic Viking RPG adventure with the Banner Saga Trilogy. Guide your caravan across the landscape of a breaking world, where the sun has stopped in the sky and the gods are dead. Bold leadership decisions, wise use of resources, and skillful battle tactics are vital to ensure that you and your clans make it through alive.

– Beautifully hand drawn combat sequences and animations, accompanied by an evocative score from Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory, will immerse you into a fantasy realm inspired by Norse mythology.
– Choose from 48 playable characters from 4 different races and 40 different classes, each with unique abilities and upgrade options to fit your play style.
– Strategic combat with consequences – victory or defeat and even the permanent loss of a character depends on which characters you choose to take into battle and what decisions you make afterwards.

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