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Trials Fusion The Awesome Max Edition

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Trials Fusion
The Awesome Max Edition


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Note: Game for PS4 – not use PS3 – Test with 5.05 & 6.72

CUSA00304 – USA

Thank @PuffinMan

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Update 1.16 : Download

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Language: Eng, Fra, Spa, Ger, Ita, Por, Por/Bra, Rus, Ned, Jpn, Chi

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DLC Content: Awesome MAX Edition


– Explore a whole new, decrepit side of Trials Fusion in Riders of the Rustlands.
– The utopian society in the world of Trials Fusion had long forgotten the group of outcasts that were not born into the same wealth of the higher class.
– Ignored by the government and left to their own devices, these outsiders were forced to build their own ‘society’ out of the scraps they scavenged.
– The lack of law and order makes this place a dog-eat-dog world.
– Can you survive the uncertainty and dangers when you venture into the Rustlands?


– In the Empire of the Sky, the rich and privileged of the floating islands go about their leisurely lives, blissfully unaware of the problems of the lands below.
– Sheltered in their dome of ultra-comfort, these citizens reside in a utopia that is more than meets the eye.
– What does this perfect city have to hide?
– What lies within this majesty built upon the islands of the sky?


– Ride deep below sea level with the third content pack: Welcome to the Abyss.
– Mysterious ruins found under the sea shed light onto a long-forgotten civilization.
– It’s time to find out if anything still lurketh beneath.
– 10 new tracks including eight Classic Trials Tracks, 1 Skill Game track and 1 FMX Track.
– 24 new Challenges including secret locations and hidden mini-games.
– Dozens of new Editor objects including Titanic statues, light-emitting stone ramps, underwater robotics and much more.
– 5 new trophies.


– Get on you motorbike within the infernal heat below the earth’s surface with the fourth content pack: Fire in the Deep.
– Excavate deeper underground through bubbling lava, seedy avenues and titanic rock-crushing machinery looking for thrills and hidden secrets…
– 11 new tracks, complete with 9 classic tracks, 1 new Skill Game track & 1 new FMX track.
– 27 new challenges from secret locations to surprising mini-games.
– 2 new garage items: The “Billy Gruff” helmet and a new skin for TKO-Panda quad-bike.
– Dozens of new editor objects including mammoth-sized heavy-duty machinery, dynamic lava and a genuinely epic train set.
– 10 secret audio logs to be found.
– 5 new achievements.


– The hyper-advanced Megalopolis, where man and machine are distinguished by their medical records alone.
– This content pack adds a whole new career event which will have you gliding through holographic cityscapes, testing facilities and even retro gaming sections.
– 10 new tracks, including 8 Classic Tracks, 1 Skill Game track, and 1 FMX Track.
– 24 new Track Challenges ranging from warping to a magic rainbow-land to defeating a giant robot.
– 2 new garage items: The “DarkLynx” helmet and a new look for the Pit Viper bike.
– Dozens of new Editor Objects, including giant advanced robotics, colorful holographic ramps, portals, and warps.
– 5 new trophies: 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze.


– Investigate the causes of the disaster that devastated Earth and ride through the post-apocalyptic universe of Trials Fusion in the sixth DLC pack: After The Incident.
– Following tragic events, the flourishing world we knew brutally passed away, leading to a vast field of ruins and the broken dreams of a whole civilisation.
– How could things end up this way? SynDI the squirrel probably knows the answer…
– This content pack adds a whole new career event which will have you navigating through ruined cities and devastated ecosystems.
– 10 new tracks including 8 classic tracks, 1 new Skill Game track & 1 new FMX track.
– 24 original track challenges.
– 2 new garage items: The “Frontier” helmet and a new look for the Roach bike.
– Dozens of new editor objects including destroyed buildings, wooden ramp sets and extreme weather effects.
– 5 new trophies.


– Welcome to the Awesome Level MAX pack featuring 2 themed events: The Awesome Adventures and RedLynx vs All-Stars.
– The Awesome Adventure: play as the internet legend unicorn-riding cat in an epic journey that will change the way you see Trials forever. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
– RedLynx vs All-Stars: a collection of 22 new tracks, half of them created by RedLynx’s track developers and the other half made by the very best track creators from all around the world.
– This new DLC pack features a total of 30 all-new tracks, 10 Supercross tracks, 30 track challenges.
– 5 new garage items, including “Neo Hooligan” outfit and “Kraken” helmet.
– More than 130 Editor objects to create your own perfect track.


– The Season Pass includes access to all expansions and the exclusive bonus “Crater Hazmat Suit” rider outfit.


– Add some craziness to your game through this additional content.
– Fallen Angel Bodykit (Pit Viper)
– Light Up the Skies Bodykit (Foxbat)
– Proud Hero Outfit
– Crater Hazmat Suit
– Thrillseeker Rhino Helmet

Take on an unlimited array of platform-racing challenges in the unreal world of Trials Fusion. Using your skills to traverse across obstacle-laden, ramp-ridden courses, you must strive to set track records against the best Trials players from around the globe. Whether you’re racing alone, with friends, or in a global tournament, competition is always around you.

Discover immersive worlds and face new challenges in each of the 6 DLCs composing Trials Fusion’s Season Pass.

The Awesome MAX Edition also includes the new Awesome Level MAX DLC, which adds a collection of new tracks and gaming content, combined with a unique Trials experience featuring an unexpected hero riding a very special bike…

This fresh DLC pack contains levels that are as much tracks as they are adventures!

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do i take the package file and create an iso image


no its a FPKG File just install to your ps4 via drag and drop to a EXfat formated hard drive or use the fake pakage installer ps4 app ..your ps4 must be Jailbroken to do all the above methods


muchad gracias 🙂 no tendras el unravel 1 y 2 version usa ?


solo queria decir que es version EUR no es USA


que raro yo pense que era EUR por que mi ps4 tiene idioma español latino y pongo el juego y me aparece todo en ingles 🙁 y pongo idioma español españa y me aparece el juego en español por eso pense que era EUR