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Yakuza 5 PSN

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Yakuza 5 PSN
23 Gb



Link Download : GoogleMega – Password:

Link Direct: Part 1Part2Part 3 – Part 4Part 5Part 6

Link Fix : Google – Mega

(Ps3 Tools : Here)

Thank (Kyle Mangabat)

For those people who’s still couldn’t make this game work:

1. Download the game, and the fix.
2. Extract it using winrar and pkgviewer (Download – Mirror) (Don’t change the name of the folder ex: NPUB31658) don’t extract the pkg fix.
3. Copy the extracted folder and the pkg fix on the root of your External HDD
4. Connect it to your PS3 and go to Multiman then File Manager.
5. Copy the game folder from “devusb000” (or something like that) to “devhdd0/game”
6. Copying the folder to devhdd might take time, (about 30-40mins)
7. After that, go to your XMB then choose install package file, and install the pkg fix.
8. After installing it, the Yakuza 5 icon will appear in the XMB and you’ll be able to play it without a problem.

Reply if this worked for you, and if it didn’t I might have another solution for you.


(Thank Raymond Nelson )

This is how I got it to work after having trophy error.
1 – Copy all extracted files to the folder containing rejoin_splitted_pkg_in_one [Yakuza 5].bat then I run it. After you will have a 23gb file called NPUB31658_YAKUZA_5.pkg.
2 – Copy that file to the root of your external HD.
3 – Go to multiman and select PFS Driver under settings.
4 – Go to your External HD in the multiman file browser usb000 or something like that. Then click on NPUB31658_YAKUZA_5.pkg to install (It will be stuck on verifying data for like 15 minutes but don’t turn it off it will work) After the wait you will be taken back to the xmb. Go to Package manager and navigate to the standard directory and you will see NPUB31658_YAKUZA_5.pkg install it (It will take forever)
5 – Install the NPUB31658_YAKUZA_5_FIX_421.pkg
6 – Finally play the game



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Yakuza 5 (Ryu ga Gotoku 5) is an Action Adventure game, developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studios and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 2012.

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